Body shape correction hurt but it was really cool. Foot massage

At first, it wasn’t that bad, but once the center of the body was twisted, the force was concentrated on one side, and it got worse and worse, and I was going around to correct the pain, but I was under a lot of stress. Meanwhile, I heard that there is a body shape correction center in Suwon, so I went to see it together. The staff also received various treatments such as meridian, prescription, chuna, and chiropractic, but they said it was their first time doing it with their feet, so I visited with anticipation. She said that she didn’t mature as much as she was sick, but that she was really cool as much as she was sick.

How the hell do you do braces?

Let’s get started with the review.

It is a 5-minute walk from Exit 8 of Suwon Station and is located on the 8th floor of Daeju Parkville, so it is easy to access when using public transportation, and if you park in the underground parking lot of the building even when you use it, you will get a free parking ticket for 2 hours. Since it is located on a high floor, you can’t see the sign well from the first floor, so you can find Daeju Parkville.

I visited in time for the reservation, and I looked around the inside for a while while waiting because the customer before the body shape correction was not over yet.

It is 오피 컨셉 , and when you enter the entrance, there is a dedicated body type correction bed installed in the living room, and there is a bed that is common in the massage shop next to it. One of the two rooms also had a foot massage device, and the other room had a bed used to fit bones. Suddenly, I see a poster phrase on the wall. Pain loosens the stiffness and punctures the blockage. Pain makes the sick body healthy and relieves pain. What I’m trying to say is what I’m trying to say This article scares my staff a lot. I don’t know if you’re crushing it with your feet…

The price list was also specified, but we applied for a one-time experience program, pain management and body shape correction. By the way, they also gave me acupuncture and toe rings as a service. ​

Foot massage

& Suwon body type calibration process

Before I do it with my feet, the director warmed up my entire body with his hands, and the staff is so sick that he screams. The director comforted me by saying that I’m being gentle, saying that I’m usually very exaggerating, but from what I’ve seen, I’m good at enduring pain. I guess it really hurts. When a person is really sick, he or she holds his or her face. I can’t hold it in while screaming, so I end up covering my face. People who usually have a lot of pain say they are sick like this at first, but it seems like their bodies have been damaged a lot after giving birth. The sound from my joints makes me feel sorry for myself even more, so I even think I should stop taking it.

Interestingly, after enduring the pain for about 10 minutes, I feel relaxed.
Here, I massage the face, head, temple, around the eyes, cheeks and chin, neck, abdomen, groin, and so on. After coming out to the living room after the front side, I closed my eyes and made them move in place, saying that I predict and correct the distorted parts of my body through walking, but I can see that my body is twisting little by little. The left foot was twisted to the side and the upper body was tilted forward, so the center of gravity could not stand right, so the posture seemed unstable.

And let’s start the massage with our feet massage!

It starts from the ankles to the calves, thighs, hips, waist, and back. It turned out that it was not painful because it was heavy because it was not heavy and there were many places where the body was hardened and blocked, but because the upper body was supported by the support and pressed with only the feet. I complained a lot of pain when I did it with my feet, but at some point, it became quiet. It’s amazing, right? He even balanced his left and right feet with natural German aroma oil and gave me a meridian massage. Finally, he corrected the side of his body with a massage that he used to use with his feet, and from this time on, he liked it because it was so cool every time he pressed it instead of saying it hurt.

I pressed the same part that I first said hurt, but seeing that it was cool, I think the muscles that were hardened are completely loosened. It can’t be undone. I warm up my whole body for an hour without resting from my fingers to my toes, and I even think about regretting that I should’ve told the staff to take a picture and received it. They also made a toe ring to correct the gait with a service. Each person has a different toe shape, so you have to make it customized and put it in.

Looking at it from the side, the director asked me how long I had been doing body correction because it seemed like I was almost a Taoist about bones, and I heard that he had been running an aesthetic shop in Japan for 17 years and came to Korea. In everyday life, there are many cases where the posture is twisted due to bad habits, but when you exercise, you have to loosen up your muscles, so many athletes, yoga, and pilates come. Looking at it, I think an hour’s investment for my body’s health and balance posture is like a gift for me. Our staff is so cool that it’s good, but after looking in the mirror afterwards, he always looked down on his left face and said, “It was facial asymmetry, but I think it’s balanced.”

Face is a really important part, especially for women. Only those who endure the pain of the moment can enjoy happiness. It was my first time getting a Suwon body correction, but it was a very satisfying review. If you want to find out more, I will link it to the bottom, so you can go to the blog and YouTube run by the director and check out various correction cases. Lastly, I made a video, so please enjoy it and I will end the review.

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