What is a 오피마사지 massage?​

The word massage is derived from the Aribian pressure and Greek \”zoom\” and is used to treat skin and muscles with proper irritation

Massage promotes the flow of body fluids such as blood, lymphatic fluid, and tissue fluid, and activates local metabolism to remove fatigue substances

Today, massage is widely used as a means of scientific treatment for children with physical disabilities, blood vessel damage in their skulls, neurological disorders, and other types of exercise, as well as sports and labor fatigue recovery and warm-up exercises

Usually, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for one place, and the order begins with no magic, and sometimes with the combination of the bladefrictionfrictionfrictionfriction, sometimes the percussion*development method is mixed and finished with no magic again

What\’s that? You grab the muscle with your thumb and the other four fingers, press it, make a circle, and rub it against the center from the periphery

The Origin of Massage

In Ayurveda, a Hindu book dating back 1800 BC, there was a record that Indians used their hands or other tools to massage their muscles or other tools to treat pain, increase congestion, insomnia, and relieve fatigue

Chinese documents, circa 1400 BC, include massages, acupuncture, and a moxibustionist who burns herbs for therapeutic purposes, and the Chuna Massage, which dates from 1800 BC to today, means pushing and pulling

Hippocrates, the father of medicine in the 5th century B.C., defined massage as \”doctors should have a variety of experiences, but they also need to learn hand-mixing skills, so fresh air, healthy food, bathing, music, relaxation, and companionship are ways to prevent diseases. Also, specific issues such as shoulder dislocation treatments should be gently and slowly rubbed when treating a dislocated shoulder, because the therapist must have a lot of experience or be able to treat it in a state that does not strain the joints and reduces pain as much as possible,\” Icekulapius emphasized.

As a great Greek doctor around the 5th century, he is listed as one of the people who contributed a lot to the development of Western medicine. The symbol of Ice Coolapius has been handed down as a symbol of medicine

마사지의 원리

It stimulates a specific area to facilitate the flow of energy

In both the East and the West, research on energy and energy is at its peak, and these days, with active interactions with medicine, massages are all the more brilliant Various, full-scale, and modern studies are increasingly proving the mental and physical effects of massage one by one, and new effects are emerging \”Circulation is life, congestion is death,\” said Eunice Ingum, a massage expert who said, \”The flow of blood in our body that we need to move properly is suppressed by the huge presence of stress, and the blood flow is becoming more and more full of waste, so congestion leads to death.\”

The biggest role of massaging is to facilitate the circulation of the body, so that the blood can get rid of the wastes in the body

By filtering out waste, the circulation of blood and lymph can be enhanced, so that the body\’s organs can effectively do their part

마사지의 효능

The blood vessels of the body are concentrated, so you can see indirect effects like your feet
As there is a saying that the feet and ears of a person are always healthy when they are soft, pressing down on the root of the middle finger will digest it, and if you have a headache, press down on the end of the middle finger

Stone Massage

Stone massage is derived from the long traditional therapy of ancient Native Americans and Japanese monks, and warms rocks with natural energy such as basalt and marble to absorb the far-infrared rays that the stone naturally harbors.It has the effect of warming the body and making each organ function smoothly

Ayurvedic massage

The Ayubedic Massage, which originated in India, is one of the oldest massages, dating back about 4,000 years

Ayubedic is a natural plant extract (mainly herbs) that is good for blood circulation, and the massage method is very good for stabilizing the mind and body by inducing the recipient to have time to meditate while undergoing treatment

Foot massage

It\’s often called valvasology, and the feet have all the reflection points that correspond to the organs and organs of the human body

Reflection points are places where nerves are concentrated, and they have a close relationship with each part of the body

Because of this, foot massages can release toxins and relieve stress by pressing the reflective points corresponding to the eyes, neck, liver, pituitary gland, diaphragm, pituitary, spine, etc

Aroma massage

It\’s the most popular massage, and it\’s often used with other massages

It uses aroma, an essential oil, and natural plant extract that is good for the body, and it has the advantage of choosing according to each person\’s taste, constitution, and health condition

Aroma can be applied in various ways, such as muscle clumping, toxin release, pain relief, sleep deprivation, and metabolism improvement

Compared to other massages, it features soft and flexible movements and is recommended for people who can\’t get a massage due to pain

Thai massage

It is a popular massage place in Korea

This massage is called \”Sen,\” which releases tension in the muscles by pressing and pulling through the body\’s energy line

Massage makes stiff muscles flexible and balances body energy, improving various health problems from bad posture!

In particular, I usually see them on a flat floor, unlike other massages, which means that both the operator and the subject should be treated in the most comfortable condition, and the view that pain is not abnormal but unbalanced is special!

In the West, it is popular as a massage that combines yoga and is called lazy yoga because it has similar effects

There are two big techniques, Racha Ssamrak, which has been passed down to the royal family and high-ranking officials, and Jjler Ssam, which has been passed down to monks and civilians, and now there are about 3,000 to 4,000 kinds of massage

In addition to the commonly known method of prescription, there are also strong herbs using feet and wooden hammers, and Pacop using herbs, and traditional medicine called Yamong helps relieve muscle pain

In addition, you can see a variety of Western-style massage such as meridian massage that stimulates the body\’s air channel, sports massage that is good for blood circulation and muscle relaxation, bamboo massage that stimulates the skin by pinching the skin, gold and silver, hwajumaji, and mayo-pi-muscular You can see it sometimes

Face acupressure point

Baekhoe: It\’s in the parietal government and it has a soothing effect on the nerves

Chan-juk: The inner part of the eyebrow makes the eyes refreshing and beautiful

Jung-myeong: The part that goes between the eyes and the nose makes the eyes refreshing and beautiful

Dong-A: It relieves wrinkles around the eyes with the tip of the eye

Four Hundred: Located just below the center of the eye, it refreshes and makes your eyes beautiful

Geotechnics: located just below 400, a little off the outside of the nose, and it helps relieve the fatigue in the cheeks

Pharyngeal (water polo): The area in the middle of the nasal cavity is used to relieve fatigue in the area

Ji-chang: It relieves wrinkles around 1cm from the outer part of the lip

Seungjang: Located below the center of the lower lip, it relieves fatigue around the mouth and relieves wrinkles on the lips

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