There are a lot of office workers in the neighborhood of 배터리안마

I\’m sure most of you sit and use your computer all day long, but if this pattern continues, you don\’t have any neck, shoulder, or back pain at some point, right?

The biggest reason for these symptoms is the wrong posture. to sit all day If you look at it, your neck naturally comes out towards the monitor and your shoulders and waist are bent. The overall center of the body may be disturbed and the neck may appear in front of the turtle neck. The turtle neck is also the most common occupational disease for office workers!

If your posture gets messy and you get symptoms of turtle neck,
It can ruin your body naturally, right? Today, we will learn how to prevent turtle neck with 강남배터리안마

Tortoise Self-diagnosis Test

  • The head came forward.
  • It is a turtle neck/straight neck. (Neck bone bent into 1 or C)
  • Bend your shoulders and back, and it often hurts The snow is heavy and I get tired easily.
  • My back bone is stiff and my head hurts often.
  • My concentration is low and I often feel lethargic.
  • I feel that my memory is poor and my learning efficiency is decreased.
  • I\’ve become so distracted that I can\’t stay in front of my desk for long.
  • I feel tired and uncomfortable even when I sleep.
  • My arm is often asleep.
  • My wrist hurts
  • I\’m more nervous and hyperactive than before. 13.I feel nauseous and nauseous motion sickness.
  • My back is often stiff and painful.
  • I often feel short of breath and stuffy in my chest.
  • My hands and feet are cold and often numb.
  • I feel bloated and filled with gas due to indigestion.
  • My shoulders and back are stiff.
  • The overall posture looks bent and insecure.
  • I am not feeling well without any symptoms.

If the battery massage above corresponds to the test points that I told you about, you should suspect that you are a turtle neck! You should visit the hospital as soon as possible to check your throat condition.

After that, it\’s better to treat your turtle neck quickly with the right posture and treatment! As I wrote down above, if you get a turtle neck, your body will be in bad shape overall

Treatment and prevention are the most important things in treating turtle necks.

How to prevent turtle necks

When you\’re sitting down, it\’s always good to straighten your shoulders and pull your chin towards your body to keep the center of your head above your body ^. ^

When sitting in the same position for a long time, you should stretch or stretch regularly to relax contracted muscles and always make a habit of sitting upright can greatly help prevent turtle necks!

If the turtle neck is advanced, it is most important to make the right posture with yoga moves such as pilates. 🙂

So far, we\’ve found out how to prevent turtle necks in Pohang\’s skin care center

Prevention is more important than anything else For those who are already in progress, visit the battery massage and get it treated immediately. :)* You can consult Pohang Hwasa anytime^^ You will get satisfactory results!

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